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#BRU Restoring the Umgeni as a trout stream

The Umgeni as a Trout Stream

The following resource has been put together for those interested in fly fishing on the upper Umgeni. It is a free PDF document, that you can download and print. It is packed with information, history, stories, maps and the like. It is also regularly updated as new information comes to light.

Enjoy:  Trout on the doorstep

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Follow up at Big Rock

In early December we were back at the river near “Big Rock”, and that little footbridge over the Furth Stream.  The bridge was fitted with a piece that stabilises the cable handrails, sandwiches the poles together, and provides a point to secure the fittings with a chain so that we don’t lose them in a flood one day.

We also visited the area that was cleared of brambles with brushcutters by Breandan Mc Kibbin and team at our “big rock day”, and started the process of spraying the regrowth, now that we can get in there and pick them off stem by stem. What a pleasure to be able to walk around now that the high bramble is gone…..thank you Breandan!


Our chemicals were supplied by the DEA , and labour, transport and spray equipment by the Natal Fly Fishers Club.

We made Big Rock Great again…

#BRU team Big Rock-1#Flybrary-1DCIM100MEDIADJI_0020.JPGBig Rock done-1Confluence done-1Furth Bridge-1Owlhouse high-1Owlhouse-1

All the details

For anyone wanting to attend the #MakeBigRockGreatAgain day on 31 August 2019.

Upper Brigadoon 2019

We meet at Il Postino at 8:30 am that morning, and we can kinda go up in convoy…..

For the rest of it, read this …its a 4 page PDF thing:   open it and read….

Make Big Rock great again


Thanks to:

Neil , Anton, Andrew, George and his boys, Richard, Jabulani , and Asanda .  These guys worked a solid day in cold weather, cold water and dusty conditions to rid a steep section of wattle regrowth on Furth Farm on the 20th July 2019.

A Job well done!



31 August 2019

Here is a short video explaining what is planned for Saturday 31st August 2019.

The video about Big Rock

Further details at : NFFC events page





lower Furth


Make Big Rock great again

Money….here is the full record:

Want to see what money has been raised and spent?  Click on this to see the full record:

Roy Ward Funding history


Planning again

Thanks to a generous donation from the WWF, the Furth stream has been completely cleared of logs. This has not only accelerated the progress of the #BRU2 initiative, but it has freed up funds.  Things on the horizon with the remaining money are as follows:

  • Poison a few wattle trees above a pool called “The Black Hole” on Furth Farm.
  • Get a small daring crew to clamber the steep banks where wattles were felled in September 2018, but where hard to reach saplings are taking root.
  • Do Follow up bramble and wattle spraying along the entire Sheardown, Stoneycroft, Furth and Brigadoon farms in October. (10kms)
  • Remove wattles felled by ‘WFW’  from the river on Sheardown Farm (3kms)
  • Assess and perform light clearing and follow up on Chestnuts Farm (4 Kms)
  • Poison trees in the tight valley between Furth dam and the main river
  • Take out 4 or 5 trees on a steep slope a few yards below the confluence of the Furth Stream and the main Umgeni on Brigadoon farm….drop them in the river and pull them upstream and out with long chains.
  • Spray bramble in the vicinity of Big Rock and the removed trees mentioned above.
  • Built a rudimentary foot bridge over the Furth Stream with 2 gumpoles and some. chain near the confluence/Big Rock.
  • Do follow up bramble spraying in the valley of the Furth Stream.

As the money runs short, we will try more volunteer days again to get some of this done.  Watch this site for further info on those.

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