In the last week of April a team of contractors from Don’s tree fellers, The Branch Manager, DUCT, and employees of Russel Watson did battle with wattles. This time around, work started at the top boundary of Furth farm. The plan had been to try to work down to where we had got to in our upward work in March, some 1.4kms from the top boundary. We didn’t get there. This however, does not signal a failure:  We found a good river drift that allowed us to work both sides of the river with tractors. As a result we cleaned both sides completely, which is something we have not done before. It meant we only did about 650m of river, but the results are fantastic.

Furth cleanup (1 of 1)

We had a TLB plus two 4X4 tractors and a team of workers from Russel, who, together with Don and Duncan’s guys hauled every last wattle tree and old log out of the river and up the hill out of the floodplain.  Added to that we had extra chains courtesy of farmer Howard Long, so we were able to shuttle chains and keep the tractors moving, or alternatively haul logs from way up on firm ground.

With Alfred Zuma’s team from DUCT coming along behind we even went as far as removing arm-loads of sticks from the river, leaving it looking quite magnificent.

Alfred Zuma (1 of 1)

Alfred Zuma and team

The 750 metres left between where we reached and our previous upper most point are less heavily wooded, and we are confident that next time we will close out that gap.

Furth cleanup (1 of 7)

The picture above shows the sum total of the river not yet cleared, from the foreground at left to the furthest point at right of the picture. Not far to go!

That will leave the Northern bank, plus steep spots we have skipped. We also have a lot of bramble spraying to do October.

Our funding account is currently empty, having paid for these two intensive days (+_R32,000). You can help, by buying one of the approximately 20 remaining copies of “Stippled Beauties”…see the tab at top of this page.

But for now, we have 6.5kms of awesome Trout stream that will be well worth a visit in the spring!