What do we hope to achieve before the end of 2016?

  • A day (funded by the NFFC) with contractors clearing the last 1 Km or so of the south bank on Upper Furth.
  • A volunteer day in October to spray bramble: all the bramble in the top say 3km…a big job, but achievable with about a dozen knapsack sprayers in one day.
  • Encouragement and support for Ross Poultry Breeders to press ahead with their undertaking to clear their +-5kms of the northern bank on Rathmines farm.
  • The last 20 or so copies of the limited edition book need to be sold to fund some more contractor work. Books will be on sale at the fly-fishing expo in the Western Cape on 30th July 2016.
  • If funds allow:  tackle the wattles growing on 3 very steep spots on the South bank.
  • Felling wattles on a stretch of 900m above Furth farm, that will be accessible to us from this month onwards
  • Follow up work on Chestnuts farm to remove saplings and evaluate what needs to be done there in future.
  • Start minor follow up on the lower sections of Brigadoon and Furth that were cleared over the last 3 years….pull out/spray wattle saplings and bramble.


And finally:  To hold a celebratory family day on the river near year’s end, to walk the river, fish it, perform Mini SASS tests, and enjoy what all the contributors to this wonderful initiative have achieved over the three years.