On the last 2 days of August, the Umgeni valley on Furth farm was again disturbed by a roar of chainsaws and tractors.

Together with Don’s Tree Felling, DUCT, Ross Poultry Breeders, Russell Watson, and NFFC members, numerous trees were felled and dragged away, and some massive log-jams were cleared. We were working downstream from where we ended up in April, and succeeded in closing the last kilometer or so, to where we had previously been working upstream.

We again worked on both sides of the stream, this time felling numerous trees on the north bank, that extended well up the hillsides.

Furth cleanup (1 of 7)

In other words, with the exception of 2 very steep sections of about 150 metres each, the southern banks of the Umgeni on this 6.5Km stretch are now free of wattles!

The Umgeni is now a delight to walk and to fish. #BRU Stalwart Roy Ward, together with Andrew Fowler, and visiting Trevor Sithole enjoyed a morning out on the river on opening day, the 1st September:


But the fat lady has not yet sung:  We have bramble spraying to do, and those 2 steep sections to tackle. There is also more to do on the northern banks. Then the dead bramble and piles of brush will need to be burnt, but these are the last steps, and there is a sense of conquest!