These two photos were taken from exactly the same spot, 6 years apart.

Furth farm, upper Umgeni River:

Before. Roy, October 2011


After. Rogan, September 2017


The top photo is of Roy Ward. He may have been wearing his red socks that day, but the river was full, so you can’t see them. In the lower photo his son Rogan wears his late  Dad’s socks. I got him to pose for me, knowing that back home I had a picture from this same spot, from back when his Dad and I explored this part of the Umgeni together and spoke of our dream to remove the choking wattles.  It was a dream that Roy and I shared. He committed huge effort and energy to the task, and just this week, his son and I visited the river, and I showed Rogan what his Dad and I have started, and what has been achieved so far.

It was a special day. A red sock day perhaps, in which Rogan and I were as unsuccessful in the fishing as his Dad and I often were, but in which we celebrated everything that Roy stood for.