On 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th November,  we will have Dons Tree Fellers, Russell Watson’s & Irritech’s  TLBs, and volunteers working to further clear the upper Umgeni.  We are clearing 3 very steep sections on Furth Farm, that require specialist tree feller skills. Once done there we will be moving upstream to the “Stoneycrofty” property to clear big log jambs in the river, fell and poison trees, and start with bramble spraying on another approx 0.9km of river.

These areas are marked in RED on the map excerpt below:

The plan

We are in need of more manual (non specialised) labour to pull branches, tie and untie chains, and spray bramble.

Anyone able to come along and bring a few workers:  The Natal Fly Fishers Club  will re-imburse you for your labourer’s daily wage.

For detail or to volunteer, please call Andrew on 082 57 44 262 or mail chairman@nffc.co.za