Here’s an update of the status of the whole #BRU thing:

We have cleared about 10km of the Umgeni proper since 2013.  WWF have cleared about 5kms of the Furth tributary , plus more on Wakefield and Ivanhoe. Landowners above Furth Farm (on the Umgeni) have cleared too.    In summary,  all the remaining work is now maintenance and follow-up. There are exceptions, but for the most part, no more heavy machinery and chainsaws required.

The NFFC (and with WWF money allocated to NFFC) have enough money to:

  • Remove logs from the Furth stream below the waterfall (currently underway)
  • spray wattle saplings in the Furth Valley below the falls (planned for April 2019)
  • Follow up on about  5kms of whichever stretches of river have the most wattle/bramble regrowth in Oct/Nov 2019

And then our funds in the “Roy Ward Fund”  are depleted.

In the meantime, we continue to speak to “working for water implementing agents”, and participate in networking with other environmental agencies to see what might come up. We are hopeful that we could secure some working for water allocations in 2019.

And now it is time to start scratching our heads about further fund-raising to keep up the momentum.  Ideally we would like to secure enough money to do follow-up work along the entire length of riparian zone (32 m either side of the river)  on the Furth and Umgeni above the Dargle falls  (est 20kms)  every year for the next 5 years.

One can dream.


Furh log clearing sml-10