#BRU stands for “Blue Ribbon Umgeni”

This is a hashtag describing various environmental initiatives on the upper Umgeni River.  It is a descriptor of various projects to restore the Upper Umgeni River to its former glory. Many are interested in the Umgeni as a premium Trout stream. Others merely for its beauty, and still more for its precious water. All are striving for the same things.

The Umgeni River rises near Fort Nottingham and flows through the Dargle valley in KZN, South Africa. It has a short stretch of just 17kms that is at high enough altitude to be of interest to flyfishermen in pursuit of Trout.

That 17kms of river has been inundated by infestations of alien invasive wattle trees over the years, as well as American bramble. The #BRU initiative seeks to clear the river banks in a major drive. #BRU1 culminated in 2016.  #BRU2 started in May of 2017 with a major fundraiser and will continue until the job is done or the funds run out.